Workforce Strategy and Optimisation

Workforce Strategy and Optimisation

Introducing your Human Resource Blueprint – a dynamic practice that takes your workforce planning to the next level, with key benefits and outcomes that include:

  • better alignment of existing resources to current needs
  • reduced labour costs and ratio to overall costs
  • improved employee engagement and productivity
  • reduced human resource risk
  • improved organisational agility and adaptability in this demanding economic climate
  • reduced overall recruitment requirements and refined targeting of specific talent needs
  • a detailed future workforce modelling forecast
  • greater profitability / funding utilisation and organisational effectiveness

Our team has developed a range of evidence-based processes and consulting activities targeted to better acquire, align, utilise and develop talent.


The focus for the program is ensuring the ongoing and long term strategic HR talent functions, analysis and support required to continually align HR activity to deliver core organisational goals.

The key outcome from the application of this solution is a clearly documented strategy – a ‘human capital blueprint for the future’ – linking human resource requirements and future organisational direction including profiles, recommended systems, processes and methodologies.

We can work within incumbent systems or deliver state of the art turnkey or outsourced solutions as required.

Workforce Strategy and Optimisation is an end-to-end solution which starts with the analysis of the human resource impacts required to deliver the core organisational goals. The programs are evidence-based, focused on, managed and reported against the delivery of key organisational outcomes as defined and documented during the audit process.