Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics identifies workforce trends through historical and predictive analysis and ROI analysis. The Workforce optimisation processes and methodology support the consulting effort required to determine the most appropriate path for an organisation. On-going support and monitoring are also essential elements of a successful implementation.
We strengthen our workforce analysis, modelling and reporting solutions, by partnering with the leading workforce modelling and workforce analysis systems provider, Human capital management Institute (HCMI). HCMI’s SOLVE™ analytics solution is a world-leading solution.
SOLVE™ is a turnkey workforce intelligence SaaS platform. This platform integrates multiple data feeds, provides over 620 “out-of-the-box” standard human capital metrics supporting 100s of machine learning algorithms, and provides dynamic user-defined visualisation to meet HR’s needs, business, and analytics communities.

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1. Drive value by linking workforce investments to business impact

SOLVE™ forecasts cost savings and value creation opportunities across the organisation at each stage of the talent management lifecycle, enabling users to select interventions with the highest ROI.

2. Leverage insights to build a strategic workforce plan

SOLVE™ provides insightful answers to “what-if” questions incorporated into workforce planning scenarios.

3. Expertise Included

SOLVE™ comes with a subject matter expert technical support package to complement client workforce analytics capabilities.

How Does SOLVE™ Work?

SOLVE™’s SaaS Model

SOLVE™ can be up and running with advanced, embedded analytics in a matter of weeks and at a total cost of ownership that is a fraction of other approaches.