Why Implement ISO 30414: 2018?

Why Implement ISO 30414: 2018?

There are many reasons to implement ISO 30414.

You can only effectively manage what you can measure and compare.

ISO 30414 sets the framework for consistent measurement and comparison, leading to significant productivity improvements.

Until now there has been no accurate conformance of measurement

ISO 30414 is the only internationally recognised Human Capital Reporting Standard

A recent review of the breadth of Human Capital data reported globally totalled over 900 different metric variations.

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ISO 30414 streamlines the volume of data requirements for Reporting

ISO 30414 supports a consistent measurement approach allowing for comparison of performance across divisions, industries, locations, etc.

Capital Markets and Investors are very interested in Workforce activities

ISO 30414 gives shareholders and investors the confidence that the investment assets are best in class from a Human Capital Management perspective.

Sustainability / Environmental Social Governance (ESG) requirements

By being compliant with the ISO 30414 standard, organisations can further position themselves in the context of sustainable corporate governance.

In summary, ISO 30414 is an exceptional tool any organisation can apply if its focus is on Productivity Improvement, Compliance, Streamlining Reporting activities or offering Shareholders and Investors insight into Workforce management practices.