Human Resource Technology Advisory

Human Resource Technology Advisory

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Many leaders turn to automation of processes and activities when these processes and activities are not performing optimally within their own organisation. Typically these decisions are driven by economic consideration.
HRMA assist leaders to review and assess the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of your current practices and whether these practices directly support the delivery of organisational objectives.
(There is little benefit to outsourcing an activity e.g. learning, if that activity is focused on issues other than those related to delivery of organisational objectives.)
HRMA will then re-align existing practices and ensure these activities are outcome focused.
The end result may be a recommendation to outsource the processes or activities, implement automated processes or fine tune existing activities. All of the above options are firmly aligned to the delivery of organisational objectives.

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As mentioned above, one of the biggest challenges for leaders is defining what an organisation needs delivered, in terms of organisational outcomes, from their Human Resources functions.

Most service providers offer a broad array of automation where the main focus is the delivery of Outputs. Few define Outcomes from a client perspective or then use these as the basis of solution design and measurement. The program mentioned above assists leaders to have a clear understanding of what the true automation requirements and processes should be. We offer far more focus on “need” rather than “want” or worse, just what a service provider has in their offering.

Our experienced consultants offer expert advice and guidance from the assessment of true need to the determination of appropriate specifications and if required, the evaluation of proposals.