Introducing LBi HR HelpDesk

Introducing LBi HR HelpDesk

HRMA are pleased to partner with LBi Software to provide LBi HR HelpDesk. The innovative HR case manager and call-tracking workflow solution that creates a rich and powerful knowledge base on the fly. The result: empowered employees and more efficient HR.

System Features

In addition to the valuable benefit of offering either SaaS or on-premises licensing, LBi HR HelpDesk’s robust features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface, integrated knowledge base and robust reporting
  • Quick and efficient resolution of cases
  • Employee self-service for entering cases and viewing case histories
  • Automatically creates a knowledge base of common problems and resolutions, and tracks use of the system
  • Employee or CSR can electronically attach documents to a case
  • Includes email integration – notifications, reminders and disclaimer management
  • Powerful search functionality that uses “Sounds Like” and wild cards
  • Document Repository (or File Cabinet) – easy maintenance of commonly used documents, managed within LBi HR HelpDesk, to directly attach to cases
  • Converts HR documents (employee manuals and handbooks, benefit guides, etc.) into a self-help, context-sensitive “wiki” database that is indexed, categorised and searchable
  • Use LBi HR Help Desk to Drive and Measure Employee Engagement
  • Highly configurable to fit exacting requirements
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  • Policy-based issue resolution – maintains all information about case issues and resolution management
  • Tracks calls and issues from origin to resolution
  • Streamlines HR customer service
  • Track all interactions with the employee – email, phone calls, etc.
  • Associates a “task list” with each case
  • Automatically assigns and escalates cases


Management Reporting

  • Manager dashboard with drill-down capabilities
  • Flexible reports for management, with detailed analytics and metrics such as average response time and first-time call resolution
  • Company-wide alert system
  • Employee feedback survey
  • Stat-collector that identifies which policies and procedures can be better clarified for employees
  • Powerful administrative utilities for quick and easy LBi HR HelpDesk customisation
  • Produces key HR metrics, including identifying the reason for a call, call length, resolution time, CSR effectiveness, training issues and more
  • Identify recurring problems associated with an employee based on cases, and generates reports of trends to management
  • Read our blog posts on Metrics and Reporting for more information on using HR HelpDesk Analytics.

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