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HRM Advisory Pty Ltd (HRMA) is a privately owned company headquartered in Australia specialising in strategic workforce management. HRMA has been purpose-built to provide innovative human resource solutions to support companies in achieving their strategic objectives through ISO HRM Standards implementation, workforce planning, analytics & strategy. This is our mission.

The HRMA team has drawn on its many years of consulting experience to develop a range of evidence-based processes, technologies, and consulting activities. This applied experience helps organisations better target, align, acquire, utilise, and develop talent, focusing on the key and strategic functions required to deliver core goals.

Our Human capital alignment practice is the first truly “end to end” solution that starts with analysing the human resource impacts required to deliver its core goals. Our programs are evidence-based, focused on, managed, and reported against delivery of key organisational outcomes as defined and documented. We aim to empower and develop our clients through an educative knowledge transfer process to ensure programs become continuous human resource alignment cycles.

HRMA offers Professional certification courses for individuals and Organisation certification and audits for organisations and the necessary support for both. E.g., ISO 30414:2018 Human resource management- Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting standard and, AS 5329 Workforce data quality standards.

HRMA consulting services and smart tools allow for flexibility and adaptability for either volatility or growth in the economy and organisation. These consulting services also support a well-founded strategic approach to ensure that economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the organisation’s human resource activity is evidenced, reported, and enhanced.

Our services are available globally, either directly from our team, or through partner organisations.

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